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Hungry Frog Latin Language Program now shipping Hungry Frog Latin software for Windows Version 6.0

Hungry Frog Latin Language Software Program v6.0

Fun for mushroomers to get used to the pronunciation of Latin words and Latin phrases.

Hear the Latin language spoken aloud as you learn the Latin language vocabulary words and Latin phrases in the Latin dictionary and the Latin lessons you prepare or which the game automatically creates for you. Start to learn Latin pronunciation of lots of common Latin words and Latin phrases as you learn Latin.

Customizable to any ability level, fun for all ages!

Learn first and second year Latin language vocabulary. Learn all the basic first year and second year Latin vocabulary covered in homeschool Latin and K-12 Latin public and private school Latin courses and Latin language programs by playing an entertaining game which is loads of fun but driven by powerful algormithic learning routines to optimize your learning of the Latin language.

What is in Hungry Frog Latin Language software for Windows v6.0?

Hungry Frog Latin software programs for learning Latin language vocabulary in school or homeschool Latin programs using Hungry Frog Software just got a whole lot better! Hungry Frog Latin Language software v6.0 for windows improves on previous Hungry Frog Software Lating programs and adds loads of custom features to the older Hungry Frog Latin software program series. New software options and improved program flow make managing your homeschool Latin lessons or classroom Latin software curriculum for teaching and learning Latin language vocabulary a whole lot simpler and easier to implement. While the new Hungry Frog software is even more powerful than before when it comes to handling classroom sized numbers of students in a Latin computer lab or classroom setting, it's become even easier to teach Latin just to yourself using the Hungry Frog Latin software program on a home PC or in a small homeschool Latin program teaching course. So, whether you are studying Latin and teaching Latin just to yourself, teaching Hungry Frog Latin to homeschool students in a homeschool Latin course, or using the Latin software to teach the Latin Language to a classroom full of Latin students, this fun Latin software is equally at home in any homeschool lesson program as in the computer lab at a networked school classroom under a site license.

Hungry Frog Latin Software quickly customizes under your instruction to any school or homeschool Latin program.

The version 6.0 for Windows Hungry Frog Latin software is incredibly easy to adapt to any Latin school curriculum or Latin lesson plan. The Hungry Frog Latin program makes it as easy to learn Latin vocabulary if you are just starting out in 4th grade with a few starting Latin words, as it is if you are in high school and need to keep yourself on your toes with knowledge of thousands of Latin words and Latin phrases to match your high school textbook's Latin lessons. You can enter in to the software program any Latin phrases you desire to teach Latin grammer and specialized Latin vocabulary and Latin word forms to suite your individual needs - like mushroom mycological names, for example. You hear an expert pronounce the Latin language vocabulary of the program aloud. You learn Latin pronunciation yourself as you learn the Latin language pronunciation to speak Latin properly as you read Latin literature aloud or speak it for practice.

Add your own custom Latin words and Latin phrases to the Latin dictionary.

Hungry Frog Latin software version 6.0 for Windows has lots of features to help you teach the Latin language efficiently, and to help you either as a student yourself or as a teacher to your students to learn the Latin language quickly in a fun environment. You use the program Latin lesson planner to easily and quicly create and organize all your Latin lesson plans for school or homeschool Latin learning. You easily make, edit, save and restore your own Latin lessons and Latin word study lists, choosing from thousands of Latin words and Latin phrases in the Latin dictionary. The Latin dictionary includes any number of Latin words or Latin phrases that you yourself have added to the original built-in Latin dictionary. You can change the software's built-in Latin dictionary any way you would like. You can simply use the software's Latin dictionary editor to add your own Latin vocabulary to the existing Latin dictionary and then save it as your own custom made and exported Latin dictionary. Use your newly created custom Latin dictionary for making your own school or homeschool Latin lesson plans based on your own specialzed Latin words and Latin phrases for your Latin homeschool or classroom Latin student body - or just for your own purposes. Save the customized Latin dictionary you created to disk and then share it with others. Create as many Latin dictionaries or Latin lesson plans as you would like. In fact, you can create and share as exported files a completely unlimited count of Latin lessons and Latin dictionaries. There is no limit at all other than the size of your hard drive storage, and as teachers or students within a Latin homeschool community you can even email Latin lesson files and Latin dictionaries to one another to share the Latin lessons and Latin word lists you have made.

Latin software which teaches Latin language to students of any ability across grade levels and learning ages.

If you are an experienced Latin student or just a beginning Latin student just starting learning the Latin language, whether you already have learned lots of Latin vocabulary or you know none at all, the Hungry Frog Latin language software program for Windows is in all cases a superb Latin resource to use in conjuction with any Latin textbook or homeschool Latin lesson plan or K-12 Latin program. The Latin dictionary included in the Hungry Frog Latin software contains thousand of Latin words and Latin phrases. The starting Latin dictionary in fact covers 1st and 2nd year Latin curriculum Latin vocabulary in full. For any specialized Latin words or Latin phrases unique to your Latin lesson program, adding them and spoken sound recordings for them is quick and easy - and you can share all of your creative work with others who use the Hungry Frog Latin language software. In Latin classroom settings and K-12 school environments, if you are a Latin teacher and purchase the Hungry Frog software to teach Latin to your classroom or via a computer lab software program, you will find that the new Hungry Frog Latin software for Windows v6.0 has many features specifically engineered into the Latin software for multiple concurrent users to simultaneously learn Latin from the same software program - even if they are actually learning Latin at very different rates depending upon their grade level or each student's learning profile. The Hungry Frog Latin language software for Windows uniquely adapts to the ability level of each and every student learning the Latin language with the software program. As a Latin teacher at school or homeschool, you can visually examine the performance of all your Latin learning students from within the program as it tracks student learning progress in real-time. At any time you can track student learning progress by viewing statistically analyzed Latin vocabulary reports.

Teaching the Latin language is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse for those who prefer a hands-off method of teaching Latin.

Each individual homeschool Latin student, individual student in the Latin classroom, or Latin homeschool learning group using the program learns their own chosen Latin vocabulary words and Latin phrases at their own individualezed learning pace. The Hungry Frog Latin software program automatically adapts using sophisiticated algorithms and real-time internal statstical analysis to customize the game content and difficulty to each and every individual learner's level of ability. In this hands-off approach, you just set the software program to teach the Latin vocabulary which you want to learn (or let the program pick random Latin lessons for you), and then you let the Hungry Frog software do the rest. Nothing makes this easier if you want a hands off approach to learning Latin.

For those who want to roll up their sleeves and manage the details, every aspect of Hungry Frog Latin can be tweeked and modified on the fly.

If that kind of relaxed hands-off approach to learning Latin and running the Hungry Frog software program isn't for you, and you enjoy tinkering with the machinery of the software at a low level, you can do that too using the Advanced Options settings dialogs. These highly granual parameters control sets allow you to drill down into the guts of how the program functions and persents the Latin vocabulary and Latin dictionary words for learning. The advanced parameter sets you can control let you modify game performance and look and feel however you see fit. Plus, you can save and restore your all of your experimental settings.

Algorithmic Latin learning programming keeps Latin language teaching focused and fresh.

No matter how you configure the Hungry Frog Latin language software to suite your own preferences, this algorithmic, programmatically based Latin teaching software has oodles of high tech code working behind the scenes to ensure you or your students learn the Latin language in the fastest and most efficient manner. Programmatic analysis of your progress happens continuously in real-time as you learn the Latin lessons. Problem Latin words and English definitions recur to reinforce learning the Latin vocabulary you are weak on fast. Simultaneously, the Latin words you learned already begin to appear less and less frequently. Eventually you've learned the entire Latin lesson word set equally well, with the least effort on your part and the most fun. The new statistical visual viewing system introduced in version 6.0 for Windows for student learning statistics lets teachers monitor progress with colorful, easy to visualize, graphical statistical reports over both lifetime and current game Latin lessons. Perfect for the small homeschool Latin program as well as a large classrrom setting in the K-12 Latin classroom curriculum.

Both Latin students and Latin teachers can share program control if desired.

Whether in a homeschool Latin setting or a K-12 Latin classroom, you want to teach Latin at the level appropriate for all stages and abilities of learning, and you can easily accomplish this with the Hungry Frog Latin software program. If you want to control the program difficulty settings with one stroke, you use one simple single slider to set difficulty over a wide range of software parameter settings. The Hungry Frog Latin software program handles all the details for you automatically. If you want to bore down into gritty details and statistical algorithmic learning optimizations, then you can do that using the Advanced Options manager. Are some students learning Latin in your classroom having more trouble than others, but all your students need to learn the same Latin lessons? ItÕs easy. You make the Latin lesson the same which you will teach, but you make custom options settings to teach Latin equally well to all your students. You can even password enable teacher only settings, or let the students control the game settings, while you control the Latin lesson content. The possibilities are boundless.

Hear Latin words spoken aloud to learn Latin pronunciation.

As in previous Hungry Frog Latin software for Windows, Hungry Frog Latin v6.0 for Windows allows you to hear Latin words spoken to hear correct pronounciation so you can practice speaking Latin too if you want. You can also incorporate your own Latin spoken words and Latin phrases and make your own recordings. These features of customization make this an even more valuable Latin resource for homeschool Latin programs or the Latin classroom.

* Teach Latin pronounciation with the spoken expert Latin recorded vocabulary
* Latin dictionary is customizable and can be used as a base for unlimited Latin lessons
* Learning Latin is fun and always algorithmicly optimized for learning Latin fast
* Match your custom Latin vocabulary to Latin textbooks like Wheelock's Latin text
* Equally at home in a Homeschool Latin Program or K-12 Classroom Latin Resource

Frogs teach Latin!
Teach Latin Language with Hungry Frog Latin Game

Hungry Frog Latin Language Educational Software Program v6.0

Teach Latin Vocabulary with Hungry Frog Latin Language Programs v6.0

Software equally at Home in Homeschool

- A high quality Homeschool Latin Program Resource
- Create Homeschool Latin lessons with a few mouse clicks
- Quick and easy integration with your favorite texts and lesson plans

and Proven as K-12 School Curriculum Software

- Designed in participation with K-12 School Computer Labs
- Full support for multi-user environments
- Network integration by default

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